Granite Kitchen Worktops.

Granite is a remarkably versatile natural stone with a lustre and strong colouration. It can be cut and polished in the most intricate of shapes, yet is one of nature’s toughest and most durable materials. If you decide to choose Granite from our large showroom, we can guarantee it’s quality will last within your kitchen for years to come. At IKM you can view and reserve your slabs from our unique warehouse and benefit from our full installation and template services.

IKM Warehouse


7 Days from Template to Installation.

Each block is hand picked, marked, then shipped overseas to our warehouse here in Leith.
Before deciding on your work surface supplier, you must always take the time to visit the company premises, see their set up and view the full slabs available – this way you can be assured you are happy with the quality and service you can expect to receive.